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What's Next! with Tiffani Bova

Nov 9, 2017

Welcome to the What's Next! podcast with Tiffani Bova.

I am thrilled to bring you Tom Peters on this week’s episode. Tom is the co-author of In Search of Excellence and is one of the most exceptional management, sales, and marketing thinkers around. This book has been tagged as the “best business book ever.”

THIS EPISODE IS PERFECT FOR… leaders. Think about it, have you ever seen a tombstone with someone’s net worth on it? No. That’s not what matters. What matters in life and business is relationships, embracing differences, and pushing yourself to make sure you don't get caught in the same-same trap.

TODAY’S MAIN MESSAGE… is that people come before everything else. Tom wholeheartedly believes in matching people to culture; otherwise, he knows, culture falls apart. To create culture, you must have a foundation of listening, caring, smiling, and saying thank you. It’s about being nice to other people.

WHAT I LOVE MOST… is that Tom shapes what excellence looks like. Take a moment to step back and give people the space to say what they are thinking. Building teams and coaching is all about the people side of business, not the shiny stuff.

A PIECE OF ADVICE… consider management by wandering around (MBWA). Take 10 minutes and walk around with no goal in mind. Let your thoughts be your guide as you take moment to reflect.

Running time: 46:10


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