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What's Next! with Tiffani Bova

Jun 18, 2020

Welcome to the What's Next! podcast with Tiffani Bova.  

This week I am thrilled to welcome two-time What’s Next! guest, and friend of the show, Maria Konnikova. Maria is the author of The Biggest Bluff: How I Learned to Pay Attention, Master Myself, and Win. She is a regular contributing writer for The New Yorker, and has written for the Atlantic, the New York Times, Slate, the New Republic, the Paris Review, the Wall Street Journal, Salon, the Boston Globe, the Scientific American, WIRED, and Smithsonian, among many other publications. Her writing has won numerous awards, including the 2019 Excellence in Science Journalism Award from the Society of Personality and Social Psychology. While researching The Biggest Bluff, Maria became an international poker champion and the winner of over $300,000 in tournament earnings. Maria also hosts the podcast The Grift from Panoply Media and is currently a visiting fellow at NYU’s School of Journalism. Her podcasting work earned her a National Magazine Award nomination in 2019. Maria graduated from Harvard University and received her Ph.D. in Psychology from Columbia University.  

THIS EPISODE IS PERFECT FOR… anyone curious about luck, chance, and poker, and who wants to become a better person, a stronger person, a better decision-maker. It's for that person. It's for people who want that.  

TODAY’S MAIN MESSAGE… You never know what skills will be useful, and you can’t predict the future. She uses Game Theory to address the variance of life, the setbacks and hardships life presents, and the overwhelming importance of separating the outcome of a decision from the process of decision-making. You should evaluate the process on its own merits to make a good decision–the best decision. 

WHAT  I  LOVE  MOST How many interesting topics we were able to discuss! 


Running time: 34:24 


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