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What's Next! with Tiffani Bova

Sep 1, 2022

Welcome to the What's Next! podcast with Tiffani Bova. 

This week we take on the world of cultural innovations with organizational leader and learning strategist Melissa Daimler, who guides us through the continuous act of re-designing, reimagining, and re-connecting our behaviors, processes, and practices that make up culture.

Melissa Daimler is the Chief Learning Officer of Udemy, a leading destination for learning and teaching online. She is helping the company evolve their platform and approach to learning, helping the global workforce also re-design how they think about culture and work. Prior to Udemy, she launched Daimler Partners, a boutique advisory and coaching company that worked with founders and leaders to help them design and scale their culture. Daimler led HR for a fast-growing venture-funded startup. She also created and built Learning & Organizational Development functions for Adobe, Twitter and WeWork. Daimler is a speaker, panelist, and contributor to Harvard Business Review (HBR) and Forbes.


THIS EPISODE IS PERFECT FOR…  people who want to improve their own lives by learning and then help others by creating a culture where learning is encouraged and explored.


TODAY’S MAIN MESSAGE… culture is a loaded word that holds a lot of different meanings depending on who you ask. For a while, business had the idea of onsite amenities, wellness programs, company retreats, and other perks, but focusing on these external benefits instead of individual needs wasn’t integrating people into a bigger more meaningful system. Ultimately, culture is what you make of it together with the people around you and a more strategic approach is to create a culture where work gets done and people have the opportunity to learn and grow in their role and beyond.


WHAT  I  LOVE  MOST Melissa believes culture is an “active process” created together by members of the community you’re engaging with, so whether it’s within the boundaries of the workplace or even the world at large, we must work together with each other to establish the values we hold dear and reinforce those ideals in our day-to-day behaviors and practices.



Running time: 27:44

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