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What's Next! with Tiffani Bova

May 9, 2024

Welcome to the What's Next! Podcast with Tiffani Bova. 


I have the honor and pleasure of welcoming Ty Wiggins to the show today. He advises leading companies on leadership transitions and executive onboarding to ensure more expedient paths to effectiveness. His new book, The New CEO, is based on original research and candid conversations with world-leading CEOs. In the book, Ty offers a backstage pass to nailing your first year as a leader and sometimes CEO, whether it's your first, second, or third time in the role.


THIS EPISODE IS PERFECT FOR… leaders who want to learn from the experiences of the most successful CEOs. 


TODAY’S MAIN MESSAGE… stepping into the role of CEO is a big step, whether it’s your first time or not. After working with many CEOs on their transitions, Ty has picked up on patterns and lessons. In this episode, he underscores the nuanced nature of CEO transitions and the need for thoughtful, strategic approaches to leadership.

Key takeaways: 

  • The significance of early actions and decision-making during the first 12 to 24 months of a CEO's tenure.

  • The two most common regrets CEOs have about their transitions.

  • How to strike a balance between addressing immediate challenges and investing in long-term growth.

  • How to navigate the complexities of organizational culture and communication.


WHAT I LOVE MOST… the decisions you make at the senior leadership level end up somewhere. They aren’t just problems solved in the boardroom. Ty asks the question, “Is your decision landing well? Is it theoretical, or is it actually helping?”. Add these questions into your decision-making process to understand the full effect. 


Running Time: 30:56


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The New CEO: Lessons from CEOs on How to Start Well and Perform Quickly (Minus the Common Mistakes)