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What's Next! with Tiffani Bova

Jul 20, 2023

Welcome to the What's Next! Podcast with Tiffani Bova. 


This week I’m thrilled to bring you an episode of What’s Next! Podcast with workplace expert, Simone Stolzoff.


Simone started his career as an independent journalist and consultant. He was formerly the design lead at the global innovation firm IDEO. He regularly works with leaders—from the Surgeon General of the United States to the Chief Talent Officer at Google—on how to make the workplace more human-centered. Simone also has a new book out called, The Good Enough Job. 


THIS EPISODE IS PERFECT FOR… people at any level of an organization asking themselves how they can pursue meaningful work without letting it take over their lives. 


TODAY’S MAIN MESSAGE… there’s a societal push to conflate work and identity, but is this the true measure of success? Simone challenges this path and presents his ideas on being fulfilled by work while also investing in things outside of a career path.


WHAT  I  LOVE  MOST… Simone predicts that in the age of AI, maintaining “self-complexity” will become crucially important. The hobbies, activities, and socialization we engage in outside of work will not only benefit us personally but also bring an irreplaceable human element to the workplace. 


Running Time: 29:35


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