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What's Next! with Tiffani Bova

Jul 21, 2017

Welcome to the What’s Next! podcast with Tiffani Bova.

Today’s guest is Seth Godin. Seth is a bestselling author of 18 books and loves to talk about making something happen.

Seth is a huge fan of doing the right thing in business. The “right thing” means not caring about stock options or your career and still caring about what you’re making. Seth promotes focusing on service to deliver consistently.

Great marketers should spread ideas, not make sales. Your job as the marketer is not to sell what the factory makes, but to serve the people the company seeks to serve.

This is the human side of business.

In this episode:

3:15 – Doing the right thing in business

3:35 – How marketers are having to face shifting from worrying about what’s coming next to ensuring they are doing what’s right today

5:10 – Giving books away + traditional publishing

7:03 – Why Random House should have started Google and Simon and Schuster should have started Facebook

7:36 – How an individual (you!) can make a difference beyond metrics in your company…even when your company isn’t there yet

10:43 – How to generate leads/opportunities in an authentic way (human-to-human interactions)

12:14 – What to do if you feel trapped and feel like you aren’t doing good work

16:52 – Why companies are leading with experience over product

20:31 – Can you have a good-enough product and an excellent experience and win?

25:10 – Seth’s advice for the new marketer

27:08 – How to market from the sales side (and vice versa)

28:35 – Building your confidence muscle

30:35 – How to be a better marketer

Running time: 35:52

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